First Undergraduate Awards Presented

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Sept. 14–15: Creditors and Corporate Governance
Oct. 18–19: Recent Developments in the Economics of Home Production
Nov. 9: Celebrating the Milton Friedman Centenary
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News from the Institute

Call for Papers on Uncertainty
The Institute seeks new work to be presented at the Policy Uncertainty and its Economic Implications conference Dec. 6-7.
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Macro Financial Modeling Initiative Offers Dissertation Support
This initiative is offering dissertation for doctoral students in economics or other fields pursuing innovative work on macroeconomic models with financial sector linkages or related topics in this area.
Institute Names First Executive Director
Thomas Coleman, AM’81, PhD’84, an experienced financial industry executive, joins the Institute July 9.
Remembering Anna Schwartz, 1915–2012
We mourn the passing of a great economist and longtime collaborator of Milton Friedman
Experiments Bring Economic Insights
Professor John List leads new field studies ranging from educational incentives to the origins of discrimination.
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Initiative Building Better Macro Models to Assess Systemic Risk
With $1 million from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, top economists are collaborating to develop tools to model financial sector impact on the economy and help avert the next financial crisis.
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Harris, Econ Grad Students Organize Early Childhood Conference
A workshop series inspired the conference, which examined the interplay between families and early interventions in both developed and developing countries.
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Predicting Systemic Risk a Huge Challenge, Panel Says
Lars Peter Hansen, Luigi Zingales, and Tom Sargent spoke on the policy and regulatory climate for the financial industry May 1.
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Finkelstein Wins 2012 Clark Medal
Amy Finkelstein of MIT, a 2011 Visiting Fellow at the Institute, won the award given to the economist under 40 who has made the most significant contributions.
Uhlig’s Research Highlights the Limits of Taxation
Harald Uhlig’s research with Mathias Trabandt of the Federal Reserve comparing the Laffer curves of the US and 14 European nations was highlighted in a recent Forbes article.
Coase publishes book, new journal
At 101, Ronald Coase has a new book on capitalism in China and is developing a journal called Man and the Economy.
Watch London Panel Discussion on the Macroeconomy
The Institute took its expertise abroad, with a panel discussion in London that explored the interplay between financial markets and the macroeconomy. Watch Video »
Cochrane Argues for Markets, Not Mandates
In the Wall Street Journal, Professor John Cochrane made the case for deregulated, competitive markets in individual catastrophic insurance and health care.
Sargent Offers Fiscal History Lesson
In a Wall Street Journal piece, Distinguished Fellow Thomas J. Sargent says Europe might learn from America's early fiscal crisis and bailouts.
Heckman Speaks at White House Early Education Announcement
Professor James J. Heckman spoke of empirically proven economic and social gains from quality early childhood education and care at a ceremony announcing Early Learning Challenge Grants.
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Lazear Calls for Structural Reform in Europe
The domino model is the wrong way to view the European debt crisis, Edward Lazear argues. He sees it as a "popcorn model," where we need to address the hot oil that many countries find themselves in.
Job Loss Felt on Income for 20 Years
Income remains lower for years after losing a job, and the impact is worse if the job loss occurs in a recession, according to an analysis by Chicago Booth's Steve Davis
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Becker Comments on Great Recession
In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Gary Becker points to government policies that contributed to the recession.
New Fogel Book Makes the Case for ‘Technophysio Evolution’
Decades of research documents linkages between body size and social and economic change.
Shapiro's Gas Price Study Shows Evidence of Mental Accounting
Customers switch to lower grades when gas prices rise, but do not choose cheaper orange juice, showing that gas money is not fungible.
Sargent Wins CME Group-MSRI Prize
Distinguished Visitor Thomas J. Sargent of NYU received the prize for innovative quantitative applications on Sept. 26.
Luncheon Marks Coase's 100th birthday
Entering his second century, the Nobel laureate is still at work on a book.
Conference Addressed Systemic Risk Measurement
Scholars, regulators, and practitioners gathered to discuss better measurement models.
Hansen Wins BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award
Friedman Institute Director Lars Peter Hansen was honored for fundamental contributions to our understanding of how economic actors cope with risky and changing environments.
Four Chicago Researchers Win Sloan Fellowships
The awards to Veronica Guerrieri, Jesse Shapiro, and Amir Sufi of Chicago Booth and Azeem M. Shaikh, an assistant professor in the Economics Department, recognize their potential to contribute to their fields.
Heckman to Lead Econometric Society
James J. Heckman was elected second vice-president and will become president in 2013.
Cash for Clunkers had Modest Effects
Chicago Booth's Amir Sufi and coauthor Atif Mian found the program mostly shifted sales.
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Milton Friedman


Fiscal Imbalance Financial Sector Linkages to the Macroeconomy Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Price Theory

Sargent, Carstens and Scholes panel

Chicago Ideas Shaping 21st-Century Economics held Jan. 11 in New York

Jan. 11, 2012

Three Nobel laureates, leading experts, and policy makers examined some of today's greatest policy challenges at a special event that introduced the Institute in New York City.

More than 200 alumni and friends turned out to hear two panel discussions that explored the impact of human capital, financial markets, fiscal policy, and European debt on the economy.

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First CITE Conference Planned

July 30–Aug. 1, 2012

The Institute will host the first The Chicago Initiative in Theory and Empirics (CITE) conference this summer.
A counterpart to a similar program at Stanford, this event will bring present both recent empirical and theoretical work in macro-finance, which spans asset pricing, corporate finance, and macroeconomics.

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First Becker Friedman Undergraduate Awards Presented

May 23, 2012

The Institute presented its first undergraduate awards to two remarkable students at a faculty luncheon on May 23, 2012.

Paul Ho received the Becker Friedman Institute Award for Academic Achievement for his outstanding scholarship in economics, mathematics, and statistics. As a third-year student in the College, he has proved himself ready for advanced work and excelled in graduate level courses.

William Burgo won the Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Service for his efforts to present exceptional events for undergraduates that helped showcase the power of economic thought. In 2010, he led student efforts toorganize a panel discussion on the financial crisis, recruiting renowned experts and moderating the well-attended event. More recently, he also moderated a Friedman Forum discussion with Nobel laureate Thomas J. Sargent.

Institute Research Director Lars Peter Hansen presented the awards, which carry a prize of $2,000.