Events - The Becker Friedman Institute for Research in Economics


Each year the Becker Friedman Institute sponsors several research conferences designed to bring together top researchers who share innovative work and new approaches.

2011–2012 Conferences

field experiments graphic
Advances with Field Experiments
Oct. 28–29, 2011
This two-day workshop focuses on field experiments and their interaction with theory, their use within and across firms, and their role in policy evaluation.
Fiscal Imbalance Sargent
Fiscal Policy under Fiscal Imbalance
Nov. 18–19, 2011
Participants will discuss the ways in which large public deficits and high debt levels affect the conduct of fiscal policy, and how fiscal imbalances were corrected in the past.
Biological Basis of Preferences and Behavior
May 4–5, 2012
Biological Basis of Preferences and Behavior This conference brings together some of the key researchers who have been in involved in research exploring the interplay of biological and economic factors.
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Macroeconomic Fragility
May 10, 2012
This conference will focus on macroeconomic fragility, systemic risk, financial-macro interactions and related topics. New research offering theoretical insights as well as empirical work on systemic risk measurement will be presented.
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Matching Problems: Economics Meets Mathematics
Jun. 4–6, 2012
This event will bring together theorists, mathematicians interested in economics, and empiricists who are working on themes related to matching, mechanism design, auctions, optimal transportation, dynamical models and search.
Initiative for Computational Economics (ICE)
Jul. 27–28, 2012

This intensive session is designed for promising scholars and graduate students in economics, computer science, and applied mathematics.
Quantitative models
CITE Conference: New Quantitative Models of Financial Markets
Jul. 30–Aug. 1, 2012
The Chicago Initiative in Theory and Empirics (CITE) conference will bring together both recent empirical and theoretical work in macro-finance, which spans asset pricing, corporate finance, and macroeconomics.
Milton Friedman
Celebrating the Milton Friedman Century
Dates TBD
The Institute will celebrate the centennial of Friedman's birth with an event that examines his lasting impact on economics.