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In addition to our research conferences, the Institute hosts panel discussions, workshops, and public events designed for students, alumni, and the business community. These events bring fresh research perspectives to discussion of important policy issues.

2011-2012 Special Events

John Cochrane on London panel
Financial Stability and the Macroeconomy
March 12, 2012
Experts from the public and private sector in Britain joined economists from University of Chicago for a lively panel discussion in London that explored the interplay between financial markets and the macroeconomy.
Econometrics Workshop Series
Econometrics Workshop Series
February-April, 2012
The Becker Friedman Institute has invited several Visiting Fellows to present innovative new research at the Econometrics Workshop held in the Department of Economics.
Chicago Ideas Shaping 21st Century Economics
Chicago Ideas Shaping 21st Century Economics
Jan. 11, 2012
Two panels of some of the world’s most distinguished economists took on some of the biggest policy challenges of our time at this special event that introduced the Becker Friedman Institute in New York City.
Celebration for 2011 Nobel Laureates
Celebration for 2011 Nobel Laureates
Nov. 18, 2011
After a conference examined fiscal policy, a celebration was held for the two scholars who gave us the tools and insights to analyze such policy: the 2011 Nobel Laureates in economics, Thomas J. Sargent and Christopher Sims.