Human Capital and Economic Opportunity: A Global Working Group

About the Working Group

The Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Working Group is a global network of researchers from multiple disciplines that seeks to restore and strengthen human capital development research.

It establishes a community of researchers, educators and policymakers focused on human development (including health and psychology) and related issues in finance, macroeconomics and inequality, with the aim of promoting easy, effective collaboration.

The working group will focus on the failure of markets to accurately price the economic value of human capital and the consequences of these failures, notably economic development distortions, declining growth, rising economic inequality and difficulty correcting fiscal imbalances. Currently six topical working groups have been established to explore specific aspects of these issues.
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Human Capital Events

Financing Human Capital, Credit Constraints, and Market Frictions Workshop
The Markets group held its most recent conference on Jun 4-6, 2012
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ECI Group Takes Part in Student-Organized Conference
The event presented a comparative review of human development research from developed and developing countries and global implications.
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NIMHD seeks to establish center for Health Disparities Research.
The purpose of this funding opportunity is to support the development of trans-disciplinary coalitions focused on health policy research and social determinants of health research. Applications are due Sept 4.
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Poor Early Environment Has Lasting Effects
A primate study shows that the lack of secure attachment relationship in the early years long-term negative affects not reversed by a normal environment. The study was recently reported in Time magazine.
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Progress Report Available
The latest progress report of the working group is now available; download here »

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