Upcoming Events

To encourage the exchange of new ideas and fresh perspectives, the Institute hosts a robust schedule of conferences, lectures, and workshops featuring leading scholars from around the world.

Sept. 14–15 Creditors and Corporate Governance*
Oct. 18–19 Recent  Developments in the Economics of Household Production*
Nov. 9 Celebrating the Centennial of Milton Friedman's Birth
Dec. 6–7 Impact of Macroeconomic Policy and Uncertainty*
Spring 2013 Constitutional Design and the Scope of Authority
TBA Fiscal Imbalance Workshop*
TBA Macrofinance Lecture and Workshop*

*Conferences marked with an asterisk are planned as part of our multi-year research initiatives.

Recent Events

Heckman Leads Off Lecture Series for Undergraduates

With examples drawn from his wide-ranging research, Nobel laureate James Heckman showed how economic tools and analysis can illuminate serious policy issues.

New York Event Explores 21st-Century Policy Challenges

Three Nobel laureates, leading experts, and policy makers discussed the current state of human capital and shared perspectives on fiscal policy.
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Recent Research Conferences
Advances with Field Experiments* »
Fiscal Policy under Fiscal Imbalance* »
Biological Basis of Economic Preferences and Behavior »
Macroeconomic Fragility* »
Matching Problems: Economics Meets Mathematics »